For more than 30 years, PERRIER SOREM has been  specialized in mechanical water treatment (liquid/solid separation) through a large range of filters (under pressure or gravity filters). Equipments are selected according to technical and budgetary constraints. Stainless steel is selected when corrosion risks are important.

Filtration by gravity in fresh or sea water, channels or storage basins is dedicated to numerous uses :


- pumping stations
- irrigation
- drinking water
- sewage water
- fish farms
- electric water intakes plant.




Before all these installations, filtrations equipments recommanded by PERRIER SOREM, strategic part of a water intake or pumping station, take place in pre-project conception. The analysis of specific issues (water levels and their variations, wastes to filter) allow a selection of best suited equipments and the corresponding civil engineering.

With a very successful ingineering department, PERRIER SOREM proposes a large standard range :

- rotary drum screen
- travelling band screen
- under pressure filters

under measure equipments strictly respecting every environment  and specification.