Water gate equipments

Adapted to the most severe service conditions,gates proposed by PERRIER SOREM equip water treatment stations (drinking water and sewage), pumping stations, irrigation channels, storage basins,water intakes for hydroelectric dams, nuclear and thermal power plants, outfalls and generally all surface networks, ensuring cut-off or regulation of flow.


For more than 60 years, PERRIER SOREM has been specialized in mechanical water treatment (liquid/solid separation) through a large range of filters (under pressure or gravity filters). Equipments are selected according to technical and budgetary constraints. Stainless steel is selected when corrosion risks are important.


PERRIER SOREM proposes a complete range of raking machines to equip water intakes, pumping stations, hydroelectric plants and water treatment plants. All our trash machines are design and manufactured to measure to fulfil our customers requirements and to respect the environment..